Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Wet, but Fun Open House

Despite the ongoing rain, about 100 people took the opportunity to tour our farm last week. The piglets were a star attraction (of course), receiving plenty of attention for their playfulness. Visitors' encouragement and their media debut on the front page of the Montpelier Times-Argus may be going to their heads though.

Dozens of names were suggested for the new lambs, including Blackjack, Clue and even Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Moe. There are so many good names, we haven't been able to make final choices. And our goats didn't seem to mind (too much) having a large audience for the evening's milking session.

We had a grand time making food and talking with folks. Much thanks to friends, family and neighbors who helped make the event a success. From spit roasting a goat to making cheese and giving tours, several other people helped us "host" the event. We were able to serve food almost entirely from our farm, with the exception of those handy grains (chips, bread, rice, etc.). The Barbecue Pork was a particular favorite. Mari noted that for someone coming off two decades as a vegetarian, I made a mean barbecue.

One reason for the open house is that we love sharing our farm and offering people an opportunity to see how food can be raised humanely and sustainably. And it sure was fun having 100 people join us! So much fun, we are already thinking about how and when to do it again.

Thanks to those who joined us and we look forward to seeing more of you at the farm in the future. We added some photos from the event to the Blog's summer slide show (top of the page on the right) and stay tuned for more piglet and other farm updates.

Meat, vegetables, eggs and milk are available directly from the farm, at the Northfield Farmers' Market and we have a few shares left for our Omnivore's Farm Share. Contact us with any questions.

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