Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Craig's List has Everything!

Garlic Scapes, Yum! I love garlic and I love garlic scapes, and it turns out, I love Craig's List too - and they do go together. Garlic scapes, for the unintiated, are the flower stalk of the plant. They are curvy, tall and beautiful in flower bouquets and they are the first taste of garlic for the year after we have run out from the previous season.

Last fall, sadly, we didn't get our garlic crop in the ground due to construction of the hoop house and other start up projects. No worries, Craig's List to the rescue. Mari hit the jackpot trolling Craig's List one night and we bought a garlic crop from a farmer who relocated from Vermont to Michigan last month, leaving his garlic behind. As some of you probably know, you can buy anything on Craig's List, gotta love it!

So last Saturday, we headed to South Hero, VT (on the islands in Lake Champlain) to visit our garlic. We weeded the garlic, cut the scapes and enjoyed the day. Now we have garlic scapes which you can chop up and use like garlic and we made garlic scape pesto! This is one for garlic lovers - who needs basil. It is great on bread, as a base for pizza, tossed with pasta or as a starter for any number of other dishes. Hmm...what will we next find on Craig's List?

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