Thursday, July 9, 2009

How Much Green Can I Eat In a Week?

The snap peas stole the show at our little farm stand at the Northfield Farmers Market this week. We all laughed when a woman approached us waxing poetically about early peas but then probed deeply with a question many of us are asking ourselves as summer crescendos... "How much green CAN I eat in a week"?!

Earlier in the week we had stayed up late painting signs in the barn, hoping to convince folks to press that very edge! And to also consider bringing home THE bacon. Our delicious bacon made so by the combination of being from a heritage breed (Tamworth), locally pastured and organically managed. The Green Mountain Girls had recently picked up the bacon having first taken two pigs to Royal Butcher in Randolph, then rushing the hams and bacon to Vermont Smoke and Cure in Barre. How fun is this... the maple syrup Vermont Smoke and Cure uses is from our friends and neighbors Hannah and Ray Morvan who run Sweet Retreat!

We are thrilled Vern DuClos and others have worked to create a Farmers Market in Northfield. Folks have welcomed us to the green and we are thrilled to be adding to the vibrancy of our community even while we are humbled by the all-out efforts of peers. Chip and Sarah Natvig of Pebble Brook Farm have an especially inspired stand seen here.

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