Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Inch by Inch, Row by Row

"Your garden is kickin'!" "Your brassicas look great!" Recent comments from friends have the Green Mountain Girls feeling pleased with progress in the garden.

Mind you, we aren't getting cocky, there are still frequent trips out for bug control and gratitude that after multiple forecasts of possible hail, none has come our way. We are also appreciative of our well drained soils -- as I write another deluge drenches us.

The above photo shows chard, kale, lettuce, onions, broccoli and cabbage coming into their prime. More distant rows host beans, beets and carrots. And this week we are planting lots of seeds for winter storage crops -- huh, with all this green around winter, (a true love in its own right), is hard to even conjure up! Anyway, while I'm excited about the piglets and Mamma Doodle getting in the newspaper, looking around the garden today I thought... hey you plants ought to also be admired!

I flash back to seeding sessions with our neighbor Kati as early as February and smile as I think about the mega-spreadsheet that keeps us on track toward enabling these plants to thrive... seeding them in the right regime and amending the soil to meet the requirements of each, all the while attending to organic standards. Not to mention planting an adequate yet reasonable amount of each... otherwise the Green Mountain Girls will be tossing zucchinis rather than tootsie rolls from the Labor Day parade float! Anyone interested in the behind the blog view of the farm might want to glimpse this tool that keeps us on track inch by inch and row by row.

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