Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Omnivore's Farm Share Available

We are offering a Farm Share that:
  • Provides local, organically managed Meat, Eggs, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit, Flowers and Dairy
  • Enables you to choose how much and what you want each week - Free Choice Model
  • Invites you to share our farm - pond swims, picnics, trails & animal visits
  • Supplies food all year, including some prepared foods as well as frozen, canned and stored summer produce for the winter months.
Farm Shares are now available for our introductory season
(July-Dec 2009)
$50/week per share. 1 share = 1 adults, kids under 10 no charge, 10-16 =1/2 share.

You join for the season. Each week we will provide plenty of vegetables and fruit that are in season in addition to pork, chicken and/or beef, and eggs and milk. You pay one price for the season and get to choose what you bring home each week, both the items and the quantity.

For more details - see the Omnivore's Farm Share Brochure
Call or email us with any questions
802-505-1767 or 802-505-1768


  1. great concept too bad i live in paris, france

  2. I agree with Noah! Would love to partake, alas we are in VA!