Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kids on the Farm

Last week, we had enthusiastic visitors and farm helpers. Lou and Ella helped feed all the animals, clean their stalls, carry water, collect & package eggs and of course, admire our goats, chickens and pigs. Early on, Lou noted, "We have to do our work first, then maybe we can play." What a work ethic, at six. Yes, Lou (6) and Ella (3+), were small helpers but dedicated ones.

It was a joy to watch Ella talk to the chickens, reassuring them, and admonishing them if they weren't behaving well. Lou focused his attention on our goats, his true love, but he also patiently waited and watched for the hens to lay more eggs. His ability and desire to observe our animals surpassed many of our adult guests. We miss their help and I know our animals miss the extra attention.

Lou and Ella seem to know something I discover only when I let myself slow down. It is a joy and wonder to watch animals move, grow and interact. And when they are as cute as pigs and goats, it is even easier. Our guest house will be open this summer for others looking to enhance their kids (or your own) farm education.


  1. Lou and Ella had a wonderful time...and Lou really appreciates you all doing your " homework"!

  2. Life on the farm is busy, but we try to fulfill our commitments especially to some of our biggest fans!

  3. This is soooo great!