Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Belly Rubs

If you want to make a pig happy, just rub their belly. If they are standing when you start, they will start to lean against you, indicating their happiness. You can almost feel them relaxing. Since Doodle has been back, we've been trying to make sure she feels loved especially since she and the Redcoats are still separated. And we figure, we will benefit when she has her piglets if she is very comfortable with us. So every few days, or when the time and opportunity strike, I like to take a few moments and indulge her in a good belly rub. This morning, she had gone back in her shelter (our livestock trailer) to lay in the hay. So I went in and started scratching. It is amazing. She'll wiggle around a bit to fully expose her belly and then close her eyes and release some quiet contented sighs. It is good relaxing moment for me too - reminding me to take time amidst busy days to enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Does she squeak?

    when i scratch the backs of some sows they wobble back and forth and make a nice series of low frequency squeaks. Aren't pigs great!