Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How can you not love pigs?

That is what I think every time I look at our pigs. So often I find myself calling over whoever is in earshot to look at how adorable they are at that moment. Sometimes it is when they are all in a pile sleeping, even at their current size (around 160 lbs, except for Revere who is near 200lbs.) Our vet, Alison was over today and as she entered their pen, they were sleeping all curled up together, a few opening their eyes to check her out. "They are incredible," she said. "It is like Charlotte's Web and they have such shiny, beautiful coats."

Then there are pigs in the snow. Ok, anything is beautiful in the snow. Our Tamworth pigs eat snow, dig for any other treats that might be there and just wander about. And they love to be scratched behind the ears or the belly. My game, to see if I can get a pig to fall over, because he/she is in a scratching trance.

We do raise pigs for meat, but we also enjoy them while they walk our little piece of earth. We give them a good life, and they give back.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pork is Available

We have pasture-raised pork available for sale, and it is delicious! Whether you are interested in roast, ribs, chops or just some good bacon, we can offer you healthy, tasty meat. Our pork is naturally and healthfully raised here on our farm. Our pigs are rotated through our pastures where they dig for roots and other treats. The pork currently available was apple-finished. Last fall we brought home a truckload of Champlain Orchards' apples and our pigs LOVE apples. We also feed them organic grain from Green Mountain Feeds in Bethel and trimmings from our organic produce. For prices, see our product list or contact us.

Eggs for Sale

We are glad to announce that our eggs will soon be available at Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier. You can also buy them directly at the farm. Email us for more details.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter, wonderful Winter

Ok, it is true, these farmers really love winter. Between great outdoor fun in the snow and a break from many aspects of farm work, it is a great combination. Today we ventured out on our cross-country skis on a cold, but brilliantly sunny morning. The snow is wonderful and there was a few inches on the trails. The brooks have peaked out from under their snow and ice cover in a few places and it is a treat to stop by the edge and listen to it babble before pushing on. Due to some trail work with our neighbor Kati, we can now do a great loop up near the Boaz waterfall and cruise down the Red Zinger trail. Skiing out the door, can't be beat.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold Temps, no problem

Well all on the farm made it through the deep freeze just fine. In fact, those lucky chickens had 45 degree temperatures a few days in their hoop house, thanks to the clear sunny days.  I think if the other animals knew how good the chickens had it we might have had a mutiny on our hands...or at least pigs and goats knocking on the door asking to get into the hoop house.  Instead the goats huddled together and ate alot and the pigs snuggled under their hay.  All seemed well. In fact a pile of pigs with faces buried in they hay are quite adorable.    

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Deep Freeze

Minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit are not temperatures most people like to see. I don't mind them that much, it is a good excuse for indoor projects or scrabble by the woodstove. But now that we have livestock that don't have a woodstove to stoke, it is a bit more nerve racking. On day 2 of this deep freeze, all seems well. Fortunately, we have had two brilliantly calm, sunny days, good for spirits if nothing else. Tonight will be a very cold one, but the pigs and goats have extra hay for eating and burrowing as well as each other's body heat. And we corralled all the chicken roosts and gave them an additional, closer roof to help keep in body heat at night. Fingers are crossed that all do ok.