Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How can you not love pigs?

That is what I think every time I look at our pigs. So often I find myself calling over whoever is in earshot to look at how adorable they are at that moment. Sometimes it is when they are all in a pile sleeping, even at their current size (around 160 lbs, except for Revere who is near 200lbs.) Our vet, Alison was over today and as she entered their pen, they were sleeping all curled up together, a few opening their eyes to check her out. "They are incredible," she said. "It is like Charlotte's Web and they have such shiny, beautiful coats."

Then there are pigs in the snow. Ok, anything is beautiful in the snow. Our Tamworth pigs eat snow, dig for any other treats that might be there and just wander about. And they love to be scratched behind the ears or the belly. My game, to see if I can get a pig to fall over, because he/she is in a scratching trance.

We do raise pigs for meat, but we also enjoy them while they walk our little piece of earth. We give them a good life, and they give back.


  1. I think giving a pig a good life is nice for the pig and thats exactly what they do at green moutain girls farm.

  2. It's about time you blogged on your farm!

    Your pig-scratching game reminds me of cow tipping, only more fair. The pig might actually think the embarrassing tip at the end is worth it for the bliss she was feeling right before.


  3. Thanks for the blog encouragement. I grew up in the mid-west and was never sure if cow tipping was for real or not. As for the pigs, they can't be bothered with embarrassment, they are pure hedonists.