Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter, wonderful Winter

Ok, it is true, these farmers really love winter. Between great outdoor fun in the snow and a break from many aspects of farm work, it is a great combination. Today we ventured out on our cross-country skis on a cold, but brilliantly sunny morning. The snow is wonderful and there was a few inches on the trails. The brooks have peaked out from under their snow and ice cover in a few places and it is a treat to stop by the edge and listen to it babble before pushing on. Due to some trail work with our neighbor Kati, we can now do a great loop up near the Boaz waterfall and cruise down the Red Zinger trail. Skiing out the door, can't be beat.


  1. One of the fun parts of skiing out your back door is that after you're back home, you can peek out the window at your two parallel tracks heading off into the woods. It creates a scenic view and a pleasant reminder of the ski you just had.

  2. Well said. The guest house in the barn will have a great vantage point to view your trails. Or even to just watch the sledders and skiiers for those not so inclined.