Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kids have arrived

We have been waiting (somewhat patiently) for our goats to start kidding. Finally they have. Molly was the first and she had twin doelings (girls). It was smooth as could be.

Lily, our guest, was the first to spot Molly in labor. Two little hooves confirmed Lily's observation. The dark brown doeling emerged looking strong. And though she is Molly's first kid ever, both Molly and the little one did all the right things. Molly dried her off (see video) and vocalized. The doeling found her own voice and worked at learning to stand.

We were thrilled that a twin sister followed, this time the doeling was the color of oatmeal. The second birth went just as smoothly. Within one hour of being born, each were successfully milking. And as we look out at the Saturday morning sunrise it looks like another great day for kidding! Grace? Betsy? Abigail? Ingrid?

Lily, who had been on her way to get her books in the barn loft guest house at the time of her discovery declared "Now I don't have to do a science project! This is it."

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