Friday, April 16, 2010

Kids and MORE Goat kids

Six have delivered so far. Two more to go this month and then Jenga and Martha will deliver this summer.

Ingrid led the 2nd wave of births with two, a male and female. The female has the cutest little tiny ears, typical of La Mancha goats. Grace was the next to deliver. Mari did the early morning barn check last Sunday and as she walked in she heard the tiny voice of newly born kids. She had triplets, but we missed it all. When we arrived, only two had survived the birth, but are those boys cute. Abigail, who has looked ready for several weeks, delivered two vibrant boy kids on Wednesday. One of which has little neck tags, just like her.

Marlene is yet to deliver and Owari will join the pack at the end of April.

Here are a few more photos of the new kids...and check out the slideshow for others.

And the names....Much gratitude to all of the suggestions that have been pouring in. Space is the theme and for the goat kids we have been choosing names that begin with the same letter as their mama doe.

So the newest names:
Ingrid has:
Ivins, female - named for Martha Ivins an astronaut from Baltimore
Indus, male - a constellation in the southern sky, for Indian

Grace's kids, both male:
Galaxy, very light in color just like Grace
Gemini - is a brown and light mix with some brown spots. The third kid that didn't make it looked just like Gemini, twins.

Abigail, both male..
names haven't been chosens...oh what should they be?


  1. It's so wonderful to see all these cute kids! I think one of the names should be Aurora :) I miss you all and I'm sending all my love from Alaska!

  2. Great fact we are implementing the name idea. In honor of our Alaskan goatherd.