Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Piglet Update

We have 11 happy piglets from 2 litters (Fife Nov 9 & Madison Nov 22). Most notable characteristics -- their rapid growth and fast speed. They all are getting to be quite substantial. No more worries about them being too cold as they are growing well, have moved into the hoop house, and now sleep in an 11 piglet pile. When the run and play, they are fast. They also love to dig in the dirt, wrestle with each other, and imitate the sows. Overall, they bring much joy. Here are some photos and videos for the curious.


  1. how do you keep track of them all

  2. The time for eating is not yet. First they get a good life.

    Keeping track of them -- good question! Fortunately, they want to stick close to their mama pig and they have already learned to respect electric fence. They know where the warm spots are to sleep and they find Madison and Fife for milk!