Sunday, August 23, 2009

Top 5 Things Kids Love at the Farm

Yesterday there were 5 kids at Green Mountain Girls Farm--the human kind, that is. Here is a compendium of their favorite things to do:

1) Riley: Likes to "pick up chicks" and is very proud of her accomplishment, "I catched the black and white one with my hands."

2) Thessalie: Enjoys playing with the piglets, especially Tac. She spent time petting them (their hair is "not very soft") and watching them eat the apples she collected by the pond.

3) Lou: Prefers above all else to go see Ingrid, his adopted goat. He likes to pet and hug her, and slip her the apple and poplar leaves he's gathered.

4) Ella: Loves giving the piglets a mud bath (and harvesting kale--couldn't decide which was better).

5) Jack: Likes giving clover to the goats (which Grandma Liz picked for them).

The big news of the day? Ella has adopted Myst (seen here with Mahjong and Thessalie behind them), which ensures that she'll be back up at Green Mountain Girls Farm very soon to visit!

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