Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Chores

Farming, like many other jobs, is hard work. Like my previous job, I love it, but some days I am tired and wish that substitute would arrive. Yesterday was one of those days -- a rainy Sunday after some busy, busy weeks. After an afternoon of lunch out (Skinny Pancake, a great crepe restaurant in Montpelier using lots of local food - sorry for the sidebar) and errands, we returned home to pouring rain, our animals really need to be fed and milked tonight? Ok, that was just a rhetorical question. Maybe the real question was, where is the Sunday evening chore elf, so we could be lazy?

But no chore elf, so off to the fields we went. Mari, so kind, slogged to the fields in the pouring rain, while I milked. But as I sat there with Scrabble on the milking stand, I looked out to see an amazing rainbow. I thought to myself, really, this is quite lovely. A rainy evening, the sound of milk hitting the pail, a happy goat next to me and an amazing rainbow. So peaceful. As I walked her back to the barn, I looked north towards Paine Mountain. The clouds were just like a painting. In that moment, there were few better places to be than walking on our farm with Mari and our animals.

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