Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hens on Walk About

Clearly, spring has arrived here in Central Vermont. Signs are everywhere: the sun has warmth and strength, snow is melting, the sap is running, new birds at our feeder, the brook is rushing, Geese heading north, muddy roads and our chickens are venturing out from the hoop house.

Spring, at least early spring in our part of the world, still has cold nights (and sometimes cold snowy days too) and snow covered areas. But, the snow has melted under trees and at the edge of paths and driveways and on warm afternoons are chickens are drawn there.

The chickens, like many Vermonters, have spring fever. Thrilled to get out of the hoop house, which is pretty posh winter living, and scratch in the leaf litter and the dirt to find....Well, I don't know exactly what they are finding, bugs and grubs and seeds I suppose. But whatever they are finding is making them VERY happy.

One warm afternoon this week, I returned from the Barn to find 5 hens on the slate patio at the front door...of the house. It is a warm sunny spot, but otherwise surrounded by snow (which the chickens do not like to cross). It was as if they had arrived for an afternoon snack, at the house. Apparently, the open ground near the hoop house wasn't enough. Perhaps they knew we still had some winter squash in the basement. I let them be for awhile, soaking in some sun on the patio for myself too, before I herded them back across the snowy yard and back toward the hoop house. Soon enough, they will be back out pasturing on our fields full time.


  1. Cristina CalcagniMarch 31, 2009 at 9:48 AM

    Hi Mari and Laura

    I just love your website! It offers me a nice snapshot of your day and gives me a good read. Your writing is so nice.
    If you guys are passing this way, could you bring some food? Hunger Mt is a little too far, but if you are in town, load up the car and I'll meet you somewhere to pick it up. Bacon and ribs would be great. How is the guesthouse coming along?


  2. Glad you are enjoying the blog. It is an adventure that always has stories.

    Rutland is certainly on our delivery route. Happy to bring some farm fresh food in your direction. We should be headed to Rutland in the next week or so, we'll let you know when and get your order.

  3. And the guesthouse is getting closer to being ready. The bathroom is done and construction of the extra sleeping loft is underway. Stay tuned for updates.

  4. August 4, 2010

    I'm thrilled to be among the First Guests at the farm. The lodge is super fantastic, as are Mauri and Laura. We had a mini-family reunion with folks I hadn't seen in 30 years and some I'd never seen. I milked my first goat (at age 73, that's my age, not the goat's), gathered eggs, helped moved baby turkeys to a fenced field pen, drank wine and talked and talked and slept like a log! Among us was a 6-year-old guy who enjoyed it the most, I think. He did all of the above, plus caught frogs to drop down our blouses. Brought me back full force to the innocence of youth. And what better place to re-live childhood? Thanks Mauri and Laura.

    Geri, a Vermonter transplanted to Mexico