Friday, March 13, 2009

Doodle is Back

Doodle, our first sow, is back from breeding camp. We sent her off to Hogwash Farm, where we got her, to get pregnant since we don't have any boars here. Boars can look a bit scary, they are big and they have tusks. When Mari saw Bruce the boar she noted, "we don't need one of those". That was just in the moment, we aren't ruling it out, but he was a bit intimidating.

Anyway, Doodle is back and getting to know the Redcoats. Unfortunately, despite some coaching to welcome their new friend, they were a bit skeptical and chased her around the pen a bit when we first introduced them. Not helping matters, as soon as Revere, Madison, Fife or Drum approached her, she bolted. they are getting to know each other with a boundary in between. It is how we should have started, but the snow and frozen ground have us a bit limited on pen options.

Doodle is enjoying some extra attention from us to help her transition. She really loves to be scratched behind the ears and once you start rubbing her belly she'll roll to fully expose it. She has a cozy spot with LOTS of hay to burrow in and keep her warm. And we expect in a few days all the pigs will be able to be together...or at least so we hope.
(check out the slide show for more recent pictures)

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