Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We are starting 2011 recommitted to our health – a focus emerging from year end reflections combined with holiday excess! We were lucky to enjoy far-flung family and friends during the holidays but our road-trips make clear how much we have turned into food snobs! Let’s just say we feel lucky to have lots of unadulterated, nutrient dense and delicious calories here at our finger tips.

Roast chicken with potato/turnip latkes and chevre chaud salad
Even in January, we find we can eat the tastiest most satisfying food at home...and certainly in Vermont!  There are a growing number of Vermont restaurants using well raised local food and talents beyond ours in the kitchen. 

Besides offering good food we want to expand our connections and contributions to our neighborhood and local region in the coming year. Our barn was a significant hook attracting us to this property and it seems it continues to inspire! We are delighted that Lydia Russell will continue to offer a weekly Anusara yoga class (Wednesdays at 4pm sharp).  She leads an inspiring class - those in the region, check her out at our place or the several other spots where she teaches.  (SapremaYoga for details)

We are also thrilled that Evan Premo and Mary Bonhag’s winter chamber music season will include two Friday night concerts in the barn, January 21st and April 22nd.  Checkout their site for all the details.  We got a sneak peak of what the Scrag Mountain Music series will offer and it was beautiful and inspiring.   For our part we admire Evan and Mary’s own community building ambitions and find the partnership a serendipitous step. If you are interested in volunteering for the series or otherwise helping as Evan and Mary launch Scrag Mountain Music contact them.


  1. Someday, I'll live in Vermont full time and be a Green Mountain Girls groupie.


  2. We welcome virtual groupies, part-time groupies and groupies of all type. Thanks for your appreciative feedback, it is a renewable energy and it fuels us.