Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food Processing Continues

Megan & the pickled beets
The kitchen has been busy!  Every week the options for this winter's share get more expansive.  In addition to canned tomatoes (in many forms - whole, puree, sauce & puree), there is already red salsa & salsa verde and now the pickling family.   Pickled beets, which are really beautiful and probably tasty as well.  Mixed veggie pickles, bread and butter pickles and the newest addition -- Green Tomato Pickles.  Rumor has it they are excellent on burger or other sandwich. 
Green Tomatoes on their way to pickles

So the pantry is getting stocked and it will be open and available as part of our Omnivore's share later this fall once the field vegetables start to fade.  Winter eating will be tasty!

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