Monday, February 23, 2009

Learning to Plaster

Renovations in our barn are well underway. The end result will be a wonderful guest retreat, complete with a full kitchen and views of the farm. Last week, we learned about plaster. We added color and texture to the event space and finished the new wall. We used plaster as a finish coat, and it looks great. It was fun to put on too. Though, Mari & I are still learning. Fortunately, we had a skilled teacher (and lead plasterer). Here are some before, during and after images. It is a thick paste and you just spread it on. The goal is to add some texture, so we didn't have to try and get it perfectly smooth. Then there is some smoothing and spreading. Then a little time for it to harden and another bit of smoothing. And that is it. Only 1 coat, and voila, transformed. Tiling the new bathroom is next. Then on to the guest room upstairs. We are creating a sleeping loft so there is room for an entire family to visit. We'll let you know of the opening date, but we anticipate being open for guests in late spring or early summer.

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